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The Descendants of Marie Ferree

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."
- George Santayana


Name: The official name of this organization is "The Descendants of Marie Ferree". The organization is also known as "The Ferree Family Reunion".

Purpose & Activities: "The Descendants of Marie Ferree" is an organization founded in 2004, under the name "The Ferree Family Reunion", for the primary purpose of organizing a reunion of the descendants of Marie and Daniel Ferree, who first settled in the Pequea Valley (in what today is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) in the year 1712. The intent of the reunions is to provide Ferree descendants, from all over the United States an opportunity to gather for fellowship and to share information with each other about their common history and genealogy. The Organization also promotes awareness of the Ferree history and genealogy through its website or by other future means as determined by the Committee.

Location: The Organization's principle location of operation is the Township of Paradise, which is located in the County of Lancaster, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Founding Members & Organization: The Organization was founded in 2004, by Nancy Kosman, Treva Axe, and Hilda Young. Attendees at the 2004 reunion business meeting elected Nancy Kosman president. Nancy Kosman appointed seven individuals to the Governing Committee. At the first meeting of that committee, following the reunion, members of the Committee elected five officers. Formal creation of the Organization as a structured not-for-profit association was adopted by vote of the General Membership of " The Descendants of Marie Ferree" at the reunion business meeting held July 28, 2007.

Membership: Membership in the Organization is open to all individuals, their spouses and families, who are descended from Marie and Daniel Ferree. The Organization shall not discriminate against any person based on race, color, or religion. Memberships run from August 1st through July 31st, renewable annually. Dues are $20.00 for an individual or $30.00 for a household. Information regarding membership is available at membership@ferreereunion.com.

Sources & Uses of Funds: The Organization is primarily supported by membership dues and assessments, including fees for attending reunion activities. The Organization also maintains a website shopping page. All funds are used to cover administrative costs of communicating with members, partly subsidize reunion activities and other expense required involving activities needed for the maintenance and growth of our family organization.

Governance & Administration: The Organization is governed by a Committee consisting of up to eighteen members. In addition to five officers, who comprise the Executive Committee, the enormous responsibilities for maintaining this Organization and its activities are divided among Committee members and others in a variety of jobs.




In appreciation of their invaluable assistance and commitment to the Descendants of Marie Ferree Organization in all aspects of our endeavor, Charles Heisterkamp, Robert Denlinger, Betty Denlinger, Sam Stoltzfus, and Heather Tennies have been made honorary members of the Ferree family. We extend a well deserved thank you to each for their good works and dedication.

A very sincere thank you and our appreciation is extended to David Sullivan and Jeffrey Garner for their effort and technical support making this website possible.